Table caddies - heavy duty - rectangle/round

Both Round and Rectangular Professional Grade Table Caddies offer two models that are designed to roll long distances on concrete, tile or carpeted floors.  Caddies feature 6” diameter, 1 3/8” wide, polyurethane wheels, a roller bearing axel and swivel plate casters mounted to a heavy gauge welded steel frame.  Crossbeams are carpeted and side rails are covered with neoprene rubber to protect tables. 

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  • Designed to roll on concrete, tile, or carpeted floors
  • 6" diameter, 1 3/8" wide, polyurethane wheels
  • Roller bearing axle
  • Swivel stem casters mounted to a heavy gauge welded steel frame
  • Carpeted crossbeams
  • Side rails covered with neoprene rubber to protect tables
  • Optional handle brace for extra security on round table caddy
  • Model No Capacity Size
    W x L x H
    Wt Lbs
    HTC72 10-12 (24"/30"/36" W x 60"/72" L Tables) 31 1/4" x 74" x 41 3/4" 97
    HTC96 10-12 (24"/30"/36"W x 96"L Tables) 31 1/4" x 97 1/2" x 41 3/4" 107
    HRTC 8 (48"-72" Round Tables) 31 1/4" x 61" x 42 1/4" 73
    HTEC 8 (Rectangular/Serpentine Tables) 31 1/4" x 61" x 34 1/4" 71

    Black Metal Finish
    5 Year Warranty

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